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Hazardous goods display for professional care products - Effective helpers attractively presented

In the hot season, it is barbecue lighters or bug spray that are highly popular with consumers. For the optimal presentation of a large part of its product range, Velind has secured the support of Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik: An attention-grabbing PoS solution was created at the experts for packaging and displays, who are also expressly licensed to manufacture packaging and secondary placements for hazardous goods.

Thanks to intensive testing, as prescribed for the transport, storage, packaging and sale of hazardous goods, the fully assembled display passes safely through the distribution chain. Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik accompanies and supports the customer from the very beginning with comprehensive services that are necessary for the use of the display in compliance with regulations.

For the approval of the hazardous goods display, the company found in the Panther Group the partner with whom it was developed in accordance with the high quality standards. A whole series of important tests for the secondary placement solution could be carried out within the Panther Group, including the Cobb test, burst pressure, area-related mass as well as puncture testing.

More advanced testing, such as drop testing or BCT (stack crush testing) was performed at the German Federal Agency for Materials Research and Testing (BAM).

Together, Velind and Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik worked out a procedure for initial approval by BAM for the customized display. In this way, the complete consideration of all legal regulations and practical safety issues was determined in cooperation with BAM. The entire production of the Velind display is subject to batch tests, which Panther carries out for the customer in the laboratory and together with BAM.

Attractiveness in silver

In addition to all this safety-related preparatory work, the experts at Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik paid just as much attention to the attractive and at the same time cost-effective design of the display. Velind Aerosol GmbH (Passower Chaussee 111, 16303 Schwedt) uses very different primary packaging for the various products, which vary in size, weight, height or diameter. The secondary placement element contains, among other things, contour-punched pads (like a perforated insert) that hold the primary packaging and give it a secure stand. Despite the individual look of the display, Wepoba was able to use numerous existing standard components and thus positively influence the costs. The all-silver color scheme and the display's upwardly tapering side walls create a classy, sleek silhouette. The integrated topper features a multi-colored design and emphasizes Velind's commitment to quality with a commitment to Made in Germany.

The pre-loaded PoS element is packed with a strong protective cover made of corrugated board and shipped in accordance with dangerous goods regulations. This is easy to remove and is then recycled.

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