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Give surprises - Vouchers presented seductively

The basic module of the counter box is divided into six compartments that can be individually fitted with vouchers, greeting cards or slipcase covers for a chocolate bar. Two compartments next to each other are divided upwards in the slanted body. A complete chocolate postcard can be presented horizontally in the front area of ​​this counter. For the optimal position of the chocolate bar, a sloping pad is inserted at the front so that the printed images of the greeting cards and slipcase covers are not covered.

From the outset, the display concept provides for a possible expansion with an additional triple module. "Turn your voucher into a real gift!" is the message printed on a custom-fit sleeve to cinema-goers or booksellers' customers. Panther Display has produced customized banderoles for both the 6-piece and the combination solution of the 6-plus-3-piece display.

The core of the counter display and the compartments are made of plain, brown corrugated board. Seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter or other promotions are communicated in a variety of ways. The decision by Cine-Solutions for the combination of unprinted corrugated cardboard and the topic-related printed sleeves opens up a long-term use of the sustainable display. It can be restocked again and again and used in a variety of ways with individual messages on the banderoles.

The corrugated board construction completely dispenses with adhesive, the display is a pure plug-in solution. The parts for the body are carded, tucked in and plugged in - so it can be easily erected from a flat stamped part. At the end of its useful life, the display can be completely returned to the waste paper cycle.

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