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From action hero to toothbrush - standard displays as all-rounders for sales promotion

These standard displays are particularly suitable if

  • different products are to be placed in one display,
  • the displays are to be used as secondary placements over a longer period of time with constantly changing articles,
  • an in-house development would be too time-consuming and costly,
  • a store system is to be put together from several displays.

Panther standard displays can be used to present almost all standard products. Individual adaptations in free print design are possible. There are 15 colors available from stock, as well as gold and silver and various other metallic colors or a wood decor. From a minimum quantity, you can also choose your own color. On request, the displays can be made of FSC-certified paper.

Depending on the model, the superstructures can be changed without production-related effort (e.g. by placing shelves and hooks at different heights and inclinations). These displays are "compatible" with almost all sales goods - whether food or non-food, placed, hung, laid or stacked. All displays have proven themselves with short set-up times, easy handling and high stability.

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