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Friendly dragon as a themed display - Delicately designed fantasy creature attracts young and old

To mark the start of school this summer, the manufacturer of a wide range of writing and creative products is opening its back-to-school theme campaign with this secondary placement that appeals to young people and adults alike. Visible from afar, the Staedtler display in the shape of a dragon attracts interested parties and creates a likeable, colorful setting for painting and drawing utensils.

The friendly dragon with its imposing size offers space for multi-page product displays. In its belly, for example, there is room for the popular Staedtler colored pencils in a wide variety of pack sizes. The red-green fantasy creature with the cheerful smile shows teeth and features the serrated tail typical of this mythical creature. The filigree and intricate contours are the result of corrugated board processing on high-performance die-cutting machines that can produce all the desired shapes and contours. The Staedtler dragon shows that Panther Display can turn almost any design idea and imaginative design specification into top-selling PoS solutions.

The floor display is complemented by counter displays, which together carry the theme campaign throughout the year. Interchangeable toppers ensure individual product presentation and the announcement of regular innovations in the store. The third element of Staedtler's sales promotion campaign is a large photo wall with the "Back-to-School" motif.

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