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Family time at a well-set table - fancy really tasty cooking

At the centre of the sculpturally designed and high-quality printed displays and stands is the dining table as a place for family reunion and for the enjoyment of imaginative dishes created with Maggi products. The campaign clearly underlines the pleasure of cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients for friends or family.

It's served!

The PoS elements are optionally designed for dimensions of 1 x 1⁄4-, 2 x 1⁄4 or 4 x 1⁄4 pallets – depending on the space available in the retail store. At the centre of the promotion campaign, optically designed as a wooden “table” substructure of the second placement, offers the presentation area space for several product-carrying trays and displays. Soups and other Maggi products for the fresh and fast preparation of a wide variety of dishes are available. The narrow front edges printed with word marks of the different product categories create a facing that clearly presents the individual soups or fix & fresh products.

Particularly appetizing is the punched element, which rises above the front edge of the table, which represents a bowl filled with a tempting meal. The large-area solution is complemented by a side-set punch figure depicting a modern young woman and mother wearing a cooking apron. The motif signals: with Maggi products you can make really good dishes. The entire display design awakens the anticipation of a fresh, healthy meal from your own stove.

The displays are complemented by displays that draw attention to innovative Maggi products and invite you to try them out. Maggi combines the sales promotion with a discount campaign that additionally attracts consumers.

The displays are delivered in handy individual packages so that the field staff can quickly and easily set up these attractive and variable second placements in the retail sector.

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