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Everything for health - displays for every season

So, of course, this remedy is not missing in display presentations of the house. The secondary placement, called "Hausapotheke", attracts the attention of consumers at various retail partners (pharmacies, drugstores and specialist departments of department stores and department stores). Panther Display has been responsible for Klosterfrau as a production partner for secondary placements for a long time. Currently, a variable display with either four or five tray levels is in the stores, which is filled with various products from the Klosterfrau portfolio in a way that changes and is individually tailored to the retail customers' wishes. The visual design of the pedestal display builds on the high recognition value of the processed medicinal plants, which have become a symbol of health and trust for generations of people. The display is an unmistakable ambassador for the Klosterfrau brand: the corporate color blue dominates the body, trays and bars. Added to this are toppers individually coordinated with varying promotions and printed in multicolor offset.

The secondary placement was tested in extensive mailing tests: Since horizontal individual shipping with displays ready for sale is also planned, optimum protection must be provided, especially for the bottled Melissengeist. The test was passed with flying colors: All display units arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Each tray has a load-bearing capacity of up to 15 kilograms and can therefore easily accommodate larger quantities of the lemon balm spirit packs offered in various fill volumes (from 47 ml to 950 ml).

The "Hausapotheke" is used as a sales promotion tool over longer periods of time, and is refilled with different Klosterfrau products depending on the main demand. In this way, the manufacturer responds together with its retail partners to seasonally changing complaints such as hay fever or colds and flu-like infections, for example.

GMP manufacturing authorization according to AMG for Panther Display

Panther Display now holds the GMP manufacturing authorization according to §13 of the German Medicines Act (AMG). This official certification allows Panther Display to carry out packaging of pharmaceutical products on behalf of customers. This includes the storage of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, the placement of hand-held sales displays, pay plates and floor displays as well as other sales displays. Panther Display is also allowed to pack pharmaceuticals in secondary packaging, replace package inserts and carry out the labeling and placement of trial or physician samples. In addition, it is possible to create OnPacks, including the disposition of the required promotional materials.

With nearly 2,500 square feet of dedicated space for packaging, storage and cleanroom areas, Panther Display has ample production space for this service. Pharmaceutical products are also stored and shipped under temperature control. The range of services also includes individual shipping to pharmacies.

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