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Displays for the care brand sebamed® create trust at the PoS

The numerous products from the cosmetics, health care and dietary supplement segments as well as over-the-counter medicines, sold through the classic food retail trade (LEH), as well as drugstores and pharmacies, are an important growth driver for the Panther Pharma Service. More and more customers trust in this competence.

This is currently proven by the cooperation with Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG, the manufacturer of the well-known sebamed® brand products for body cleaning and care. The Panther Pharma Service team produces two different displays for the customer to present various products from the brand world.

Based on a ¼ pallet, a base display with three tray levels and a topper was created, which allows access to the products from three sides. The closed rear wall and vertical supporting walls, which protrude from the base level to beyond the top tray, give the secondary placement great stability and load-bearing capacity as well as a secure hold for the products, which vary in size, geometry and individual packaging.

The white design of the trays, the supporting walls and the rear wall forms an advantageous contrast to the sales packaging, which is visually in the foreground and is easily distinguishable. For further orientation for consumers, appropriately printed intermediate topper on the front edges of the trays refer to the different ranges for skin care, cleaning or deodorants.

Both a base and a topper are used for the sebamed® brand messages: Here, too, a white background determines the design and gives the display a purity that visualizes the brand's claim. The core statements and promises to consumers are particularly striking: the clinically tested quality with a pH value of 5.5 and the care and cleaning performance of the products.

The displays, made from 100% corrugated board, are delivered to the customer including cushioning material and inserts for erected shipping.

The second display produced by the Panther Pharma Service team for sebamed® is used to promote the manufacturer's medical skin care products. The secondary placement, also made entirely of corrugated board, consists of only two parts and is self-erecting. The coloring of the PoS element is also characterized by a lot of white, on which the few, targeted brand messages from sebamed® come into their own. The construction of the display is also striking: three trays are embedded in large openings between the front and rear walls. These protrude slightly at the front and back, so the products can be removed from both sides. Inwardly offset side panels give the display high stability and security.

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