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Cube construction allows use of a display year-round

The developers at Panther Display have come up with an attractive solution for the group of OTC products: Since these are only available in the secure field of view and may only be handed out by pharmacy staff, the uppermost of a total of three cubes arranged one above the other on a base contains empty decorative folding chess tell These are protected from customer access by a transparent, bonded cover. Pharmacy customers are thus informed about the medicines and can inquire about the products that can be sold without a prescription directly on site.

The presentation of the products is designed for long-term use. In order to make the secondary placement usable all year round, a modular display with a mix of materials was developed. The durable, robust base is made of plastic and the goods-carrying elements are made of board so that they can be replaced easily and inexpensively over and over again. For future campaigns only new cubes have to be produced and delivered.

In order to do justice to the modular concept, the base was kept neutral. A brand-specific, easily exchangeable advertising space is supplied with the dice attachments, which is attached to the base when the dice are exchanged. The cubes are rotatable and can be individually aligned and each offers enough space for the goods for easy removal by the end customer.

To hold the display unit securely, both the base and all the cubes have recesses or circular elements that ensure locking on the lower component. They are fixed to each other with light pressure from above, at the same time all cubes can be rotated in different directions.

The setup in retail is done in a few minutes. The cubes are completely erected and filled with customer goods (thanks to the manufacturer's license according to §13 AMG). After receiving the packages, the pharmacy team simply sets up the base, places the finished cubes on the base and attaches the advertising space to the front of the base.

The customer benefits from the small packing units of the components, needs-based stocking of the goods and consequently from simplified BBD management. There is also the option of supplying pharmacies that already have a base at a later point in time only with new cube attachments and stickers or front-pieces individually designed to match the products.

The display allows the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group to use it flexibly all year round and to stock it optimally depending on the season.

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