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Brand awareness and sales increased - Veganz takes stock of the successful campaign

Veganz offers a varied, purely vegan range - from sweets and snacks as well as plant-based proteins to vegan meat, fish and cheese alternatives and pizza. Veganz is the brand for plant-based foods from Berlin and is now one of the market leaders in this segment. The products are now offered in over 15,000 sales outlets.

Veganz asked Panther Display to develop a ¼ pallet display that presented a wide range of vegan foods in an attractive and eye-catching way. This resulted in a secondary placement with a low base and four trays carrying goods. Even the lowest tray level is at a height that is easy to reach. The communication areas on the base, side walls and topper were optimally used for the brand-defining print image and with the core elements used in the media campaign. The display thus achieves a very good long-distance effect and the desired recognition value.

Trays that are inserted at an angle and integrated into the overall motif with their printed image fulfill the requirement of an attractive, sales-inspiring presentation. Depending on their composition, the different Veganz products are fitted either vertically or horizontally. The selected ¼ pallet format contributes to a simple logistics process for transporting the populated displays to the different markets. After the end of the large-scale media campaign, Veganz drew a very positive balance, the set goals were achieved: approx. 25 million consumers in the DACH region could be addressed.

In order to continue the successful development, Veganz also commissioned the experts from Panther Display to implement a subsequent PoS campaign: A standard display was created whose side walls were enlarged for more communication space and a good long-distance effect. The core stylistic elements of the print image were retained: green leaves and ferns as the background motif for the brand claim.

The base can be used modularly, so that Veganz can add three or four tray levels as an option. The current configuration of the displays is similar to that of the previous campaign. For the future, the modular standard display takes into account other possible uses on an unchanged construction, the print images can be individually adapted at any time.

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