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BABY born® lights up the shop window - magic dragon lures you into the children's wonderland

This sales promotion element is a real eye-catcher, the glowing eyes of the display already indicate what fun the dragon will trigger in children. The original, touched with a magic wand, can interact with the children thanks to built-in light and sound effects. Its eyes and nostrils shine, and its wings swing gracefully.

The decorative element in the shop window arouses curiosity about this toy kite and its other surprising abilities that children can experience in the game.

Display as clothes rack for dolls: Große Mode en miniature

For many years, children have loved the different dolls of Zapf Creation. Even in the age of electronic entertainment devices, the joy of imaginative play with dolls does not diminish. The manufacturer offers again and again extensive clothing collections, which increase the fun of the doll's moms.

For the presentation of the “Dolly Moda” collection, Panther Display has developed a floor display that offers space for up to 100 models and can be viewed from both the front and back. The frontal placement of the doll dresses is distributed on two levels. On the sides of the second placement, consumers will find a scale to measure the size of the corresponding doll and find the correct dress size. The large format topper makes the display visible from afar. This second placement is set up and equipped with a few simple steps. This creates a very attractive presentation element, just like in the world of big fashion.

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