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Always in good shape - Recycling-friendly cushion inserts for shoes

Every shoe buyer has already had the experience of trying on shoes: the models brought in by the specialist staff in the specified size are taken out of a box. Then a wide variety of padding materials are revealed before the shoe can be tested for the customer's individual fit. This is where Panther's experts come in.

Women's, men's, children's or sports shoes of all sizes are often fitted with inserted padding for transport to the PoS, which keeps the shoes in shape. This has the effect of preserving the visual appearance of the footwear until it reaches the subsequent wearer. The corrugated insoles developed by the experts at JuicefulThings fulfill this task 100%. They can be manufactured in individual dimensions to fit any shoe size and simply pushed under the instep of the footwear by hand. They are dimensionally stable and therefore very durable, even if they are removed and pushed back into the shoe several times. Once they are no longer needed, the insole pads are returned to the recycling cycle.

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