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Altonaer Wellpappenfabrik strengthens productivity by investing in additional inline machine and palletizing logistics

The fully automated and completely networked 4-color machine increases the level of productivity significantly and supports the optimization of production costs. It is among others equipped with a punching unit, with which, for example, handles for moving boxes are punched out, has an error ejection module and a camera system for process monitoring. Process monitoring was successively expanded.

A prefeeder and a robot-palettizer take care of the loading and disposal of this high-performance machine. Other technical features of the system are a creasing module that is separate from the rotary die-cutter and the glue inspection system.

All in all, it is possible to produce custom-fit, high-quality folding boxes in just one operation. At the same time, the latest technologies help to reduce CO2 emissions in packaging production.

The fulfillment of customer requirements for maximum quality is further improved with this investment. Conservation of energy and resources are features of the system that are repeatedly put to the test in everyday work and that meet the Panther Group's self-imposed goals, in line with the Panther pro nature sustainability strategy. Since the semi-finished goods warehouse in the entire plant was already fully automated in 2019, the renewal of the palletizing now enables the entire workflow in the company to be digitized throughout.

Some conversion measures were carried out for the new palletizing logistics. Larger wall openings in the production hall, the installation of transport rails, cable routes and compressed air lines, etc. were necessary preparatory work in order to be able to assemble the new or existing system parts. Two strapping machines and one stretch wrapping machine were taken over from the machine park. The logistics now include various automated transport trolleys for handling the pallets. The new palletizing was included in the automatic pallet tracking and visualization system already in place at the Altonaer Wellpappenfabrik.

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