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Addition in the third dimension - Rotatable Big Ben for 3D puzzles

Puzzle lovers can create the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster in miniature format: Thanks to Easy Click Technology, the 216 puzzle pieces fit together perfectly and form a stable structure without sticking. The display itself is designed in an almost faithful look of the tower and is based on the innovation “Turn Tower”. These presentation elements transcend the usual optical boundaries of second place product presentation in an intelligent, playful way. With the multi-turn tower, the display experts combine design simplicity with a clever technical framework. The basic idea is based on uniformly sized corrugated board blocks that can be rotated by 360°. Designed for the modular dimension of the 1⁄4-pallet (600 x 400 mm), the cubes can be combined in all variations. The three levels of squares to record the puzzles are crowned with a topper in the shape of the top of Big Ben. This creates an unmistakable, attractive sales promotion element that additionally promotes sales through interaction with the customer.

A block consists of a one-piece cut-out with hole punching at the bottom and lid to accommodate a pipe. The individual modules can rotate 360 ° around this vertical tube. They are optimally guided around the axis and can be easily moved to any desired position. This means that the product presentation at the PoS can be viewed on all sides. The partition walls located in the middle of the cubes ensure a high stability of the display with sufficient load-bearing capacity for large weights. For shipping, the Big Ben display is either filled or prepared flat-lying to save space.

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