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Corrugated board pallets are sustainable heavy-duty carriers for cost-saving transport

The development process was based on the premise that the material properties of corrugated board have significant advantages over wooden pallets:

  • The low weight predestines corrugated board pallets for cost-saving air freight transport for export, there is no need to return them to the country of origin.
  • The unrestricted disposal via the waste paper cycle and thus the supply for recycling as a contribution to environmental protection.
  • They are hygienic and do not require treatment against parasites.

Export companion with recycling bonus

As the export world champion, Germany has been at the top of the ranking of nations for years. Added to this is the internal German trade in goods. A large proportion of goods exported or transported domestically are distributed using pallets. The challenge in Panther's development work was to meet the everyday requirements for pallets in logistics processes. This includes the impact resistance of the pallet feet when handling with pallet trucks or forklifts and the overall stability to accommodate heavy weights.

In the further course of the development process, in addition to the weight advantages and the unrestricted recyclability, another impressive property of the corrugated board was found to be helpful for the design of the perfect pallet: the material allows the construction of a wide range of geometric shapes (for pallet feet or skids). With the many years of know-how of the experts at Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik, technical understanding and material properties came together ideally. The results obtained in this way show that pallets made of corrugated board can be produced individually in the desired size and are not tied to a standardized module size (e.g. 1,200x800 mm for the Euro pallet size). The pallet feet are created individually in number and size. There are numerous design and construction options. When handling, they cause a significantly reduced risk of injury and thus increase work safety. The hygiene advantage is particularly important in the case of trans- or intercontinental exports, as this means that the international standard for plant protection measures ISPM 15 can be guaranteed.

The possibility of offering tailor-made individual solutions for a wide range of customers has a long tradition at Panther. What applies to packaging or displays also applies to pallets made of corrugated board. Aspects of individual intralogistics systems for users of pallets are already in the focus of development, for which the corrugated board solutions also provide suitable answers.

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