With full innovation ahead

Ideas and know-how transfer

In addition to the production of high-quality products, we are actively and creatively committed to our customers when it comes to new developments or optimizations of existing packaging or displays. At the beginning of many projects, we analyze the company's packaging industry. We take a holistic view of customer, product, trade and process requirements. We incorporate the data obtained into the solution - such as the construction and material composition of the packaging. Structure and design can be optimized on request and further potentials, such as increased functions, are shown.


Our developers are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions. The result is a continuous stream of new developments which positively influence the security, functionality and rationality of packaging and displays.
The specific requirements of the respective sector are always taken into account in our corrugated board innovations.

The following questions are especially relevant to us during the search for ideas:

  • Does a suitable variant already exist in Panther’s extensive product range?
  • Can a standard solution be easily adapted?
  • Does the task need the development of a new design concept?

If these answers to that question is Yes, work starts in Panther on the design phase for the design, description of function, definition of dimensions and basic concept description.
We show you our drafts by using drawings made by hand, digital scribbles or miniature models. Next we fabricate a prototype based on your requested variant. Our developers examine and test various factors at the same time, e.g. functional capability, load-bearing capacity and the properties of the packaging or display solution. We remain in contact with you during the entire development period.

On request, we produce a final sample using digital printing to reinforce your decision-making reliability. Close, trusting communication helps when there is great time pressure. The result is that we supply optimum just-in-time solutions.

Constantly changing trends and requirements
Panther Packaging regularly organises workshops and shows the latest developments and trends in the corrugated board sector. We also inform you about new provisions or patents in the areas of products, service and design innovations. 

Short overview of some solutions

Advent calendar

Creative and individual Advent calendars are traditionally anchored in the Panther Group. For many years, the experts in unusual constructions and brilliantly implemented print motifs have contributed to the enrichment of these companions, which are so indispensable for the run-up to Christmas. Attention to detail is also evident in the high-quality print motifs, implemented in the printing technology most suitable for the customer, as well as in the design and technical design. In addition to classic, high-quality confectionery, a wide variety of non-food items - including very fragile products that need to be protected from damage - are increasingly being used in the advent calendar. Panther takes all criteria into account when developing the innovative sculptures.

We also offer our extensive service for this, such as assembly. Early planning is advisable, so that seasonal goods are available on time at the beginning of the Christmas season. A few examples for your inspiration:

[Translate to English:] Adventskalender 1 Abbildung
[Translate to English:] Adventskalender 1 Abbildung

Do you need innovative solutions?

Please get in touch with us. We will gladly answer your questions.