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Panther Display supports Baileys promotion for the Eurovision Song Contest

Exclusively at Kaufland in Germany, Baileys (a Diageo brand) used a PoS element to thematize the music event in order to prominently present this year's particularly emotional festival of the ESC in connection with the popular drink. The action carried out in the run-up to the event attracted lovers of the drink and curious consumers. The prospect for the participants: The competition winners can experience the final live in Liverpool, sponsored by the manufacturer of the cult drink, including flight and accommodation. But the display also promises a lot of anticipation for ESC fans who follow the competition from Germany via the media. The design of the display base as well as the topper shows: With the créme liqueur, which can be enjoyed in many different ways, whether pure or in various cocktail variants, celebrating with friends and like-minded fans of the spectacle is even more enjoyable.


The entire print design of the campaign display expresses the colorful and diverse nature of the Eurovision Song Contest. There is also a reference to the most distinctive slogan of the event: on the front side of the tray, the lettering "Baileys: 12 points!" refers to the common winning mentality - both of this year's protagonists of the ESC competing against each other and of the Baileys brand and its lovers.


The pedestal as well as columns and topper repeatedly send the message of the competition and the associated chances of winning 3 x 2 tickets for the ESC. The Kaufland retail chain is part of the print image with its brand logo, as are QR codes, which Kaufland customers can use to learn more about the Baileys brand, the competition and the ESC.


The campaign display achieves its attractive appearance through the combination of the multicolored print design with the corner pillars that rise diagonally on two sides and carry the top sign. The total of two 24 bottles of Baileys can be accessed from all four sides. The facing is perfectly completed on all sides by the striking bottles.


All partners involved in the project worked together very quickly and effectively within just four weeks, from the decision for the final display construction to delivery to the fabricator. Since the deadline for participation in the competition was April 30th, the entire process had to run smoothly so that the promotion could have the desired, successful effect. The determination of the winners of the tickets and the associated travel planning could then be carried out with sufficient lead time for the big ESC final.


The know-how of the Panther Display experts, their responsiveness and flexibility and the modern, high-performance processing and printing technologies were important prerequisites for the success of this project.


Mono material and clever plug-in technology combined

The promotional display is based on the area of ​​a 1/4 Chep pallet and reaches a height of almost 1.50 m (including the top sign). It offers space for 48 bottles of Baileys on several tray levels. Panther Display delivers the components of the secondary display in a space-saving manner to the manufacturer, where the finished display is created and assembled in just a few steps according to the assembly instructions. Only the topper is placed on the two columns in the Kaufland branches. The design takes into account that after the bottles have been sold from the top tier, the empty tray can be easily removed without having to remove and reattach the topper. This means that the product is available on the display for the entire duration of the campaign.


All elements of the secondary placement are provided with lugs and tabs, which enable the assembly of the components, from the pallet sleeve to the base, the trays to the side columns and the topper without any additional tools.


After the casing, which forms the base, has been erected, the punched plug-in lugs are inserted into the corresponding openings in the pallet. The banderole, which envelops the pallet and completes the visual appearance of the presentation unit, works according to the same principle. Two plug-in crosses inside the base give the display the necessary stability and load-bearing capacity. The display base and the trays carrying the goods are brought into their stable shape and inserted into one another by simple folding processes, which are easy and clean to succeed thanks to the specified grooves. The assembly principle of tabs, lugs and slots is also repeated on the side columns, which ultimately hold the topper. The ready-made display is completed by two elements for transport security to the Kaufland branch.


Recycling-friendly display

With the decision for this promotional display, Baileys Marketing has made a sustainable choice. Panther Display's secondary display, which is made exclusively of corrugated board, is returned to the material cycle after the goods have been sold completely via waste paper recycling.


The recognized sustainability of corrugated board as an indispensable, very easily recyclable and recyclable starting material for high-performance packaging and attractive, sales-boosting displays is still one of the cornerstones of the corporate success of the Panther Group. The Group, headquartered in Tornesch (near Hamburg), is still on the way to a CO2-neutral future.


United By Music

The organizers of the major event have gathered extensive information, including: “Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. But because of the Russian war of aggression, Great Britain is stepping in as the host country for the 67th ESC this year. The location is the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool. The BBC is working closely with representatives of the Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne to integrate Ukrainian elements into the shows and thus make the country's culture visible. The Big Five countries Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain as well as Ukraine as last year's winner are automatically set for the ESC final.


This year's slogan 'United By Music' aims to showcase the partnership between the UK, Ukraine and the host city of Liverpool. According to the creative agencies responsible, they were inspired by research showing that human hearts synchronize to beat in unison when experiencing live music together. With a view to the ESC, this means: millions of hearts beat as one.”


Driven by these extraordinary circumstances around the event, the Baileys brand special campaign is also an expression of support for all participants and fans of the ESC. This is reflected in the PoS element realized by Panther Display, visible from afar on Kaufland's sales areas. The sales promotion measure combines the same goals of the partners and sends a strong signal to end consumers with the help of the campaign display.

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