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Symbiotic relationship - display for new cider brand

The practical can container is thus unmistakably showcased and the attributes of the brand visually unmistakable. The interior of the display has space for one Euro or four ¼-pallets. Thus, the large-capacity can offers a very large volume for product storage.

More and more female or male consumers like to reach for alternatives to beer and other beverages with higher alcohol content, trying out new flavors. The display appeals directly to this target group: Two toppers invite consumers to try and grab. The display, which is a good 1.20 meters high and takes up a lot of space, shows the typical beverage can geometry on the end walls, including a tear-open tab which, as an attached die-cutting element, creates a 3D effect. The display design is a perfect brand ambassador, signaling far and wide the standout product promises of the novel beverage brand. The generously dimensioned interior offers the best possible access to the products and thus supports rapid sales.