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Pampering program for rabbits, hamsters & Co. - Freshly harvested hay in grass paper packaging

For many millions of Germans *, small animals and rodents such as guinea pigs or rabbits are part of the family. After cats and dogs, which live in far more households, the small, furry animals are among the most popular household members, also because keeping them usually means less effort and takes up less space. All the greater, however, is the affection that the little four-legged friends experience. And for their species-appropriate nutrition and care, providers such as JR Farm from Bavaria have an extensive range of products that promote a healthy life for small animals. Hay from natural mountain meadows or organic hay, for example, are part of the offerings of the Ruisinger family, who have been running the steadily growing farm for generations. For JR Farm, Südwestkarton (Panther Group) produces pure corrugated board packaging using grass paper, in which one kilogram of hay can be safely stored.

The packaging made using grass paper is a pure mono-material solution with a surprising possibility of secondary use.

The play instinct is also satisfied

In addition to the prioritized requirement that the box must be completely closed in order to avoid any loss of product, the new packaging offers other important attributes. The construction dispenses with reinforcement tapes or tear strips in order to obtain a consistent one-material solution. The carton that has been developed is equipped with a fully overlapping plug-in base and side plug connection as well as an integrated handle. The latter is formed from the cover flaps.

As a further specialty, the experts at Südwestkarton have made sure that on three sides of the box, through clean and at the same time tight perforations, the box can be converted into a playhouse for the small animals via knockout openings. The resulting window gives the packaging a second life, in which it entices the furry cuddly toys to hide and play. If the packaging is no longer needed, the functioning material cycle of the corrugated board waits for it to be reintegrated through recycling.