Think about tomorrow, act today

The Panther Group has long been committed to sustainability. As a company that acts responsibly, we define our goals with foresight. This is how we conserve resources preventively and in the long term. In addition, Panther produces in an energy-efficient manner. We plan our transports as effectively as possible in order to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Panther recognizes, analyzes and solves problems, advances innovations and invests in the latest technologies. This corporate policy benefits current and future generations. The three pillars of sustainability and their optimal connection determine how we think and act.

Panther pro nature has been an integral part of our corporate strategy for sustainable development for decades and defines the direction of the Panther Group. We have a clear objective for the protection and preservation of the environment in order to be able to align our daily actions with it. As a company that acts responsibly, we define our goals with foresight and consider possible conflicting goals between environmentally conscious action and the quality of our products and services, to which we are obliged to our customers. We are thus pursuing a holistic approach.

Addendum to Panther-Philosophy: Pillars of sustainability

Pillars of sustainability

We have been taking responsibility as a family-run business since 1902 and placing a constant focus on sustainability for generations now.

Sustainability to us means simultaneously implementing both ecological, economic and social goals in equal parts in mutually dependability. On top of this, we continuously enhance the three pillars of sustainability in order to ensure improvements to them in the long-term .

As part of the Panther philosophy, the Panther Group has constantly strived to internalise and, above all, embrace the three pillars of sustainability.

With his sense of commitment, even the son of our company founder, Fritz Landmann, set up a foundation dedicated to training and further training from which we as a company group and the entire industry still benefit today and will continue to do so in the future. Our aim as well is to actively help shape and promote a sustainable future.

Environmental Sustainability

As a matter of principle, the Panther Group safeguards the conscious, efficient and effective use of natural resources in order to protect and preserve the environment.

Our environmental strategy, Panther pro nature, continuously guides us on the right path, on which basis we invest in all measures for sustainability. With every investment we make we set new standards, be it in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, environmental protection or safety. Our strategy is geared towards conserving resources and, above all, preserving the environment in the long-term, and, as a result, lowering specific levels of energy consumption, reducing the consumption of raw materials and lowering CO2 emissions, coupled with better performance.

In the future, we will continue to extend our cost leadership by making targeted investments in efficient production facilities in order to be able to operate successfully and sustainably in the market with our customers.

At Panther Packaging, we attach great importance to innovation management . To illustrate this, we already use recycled corrugated base papers with a low gram weight to guarantee the optimum performance of our corrugated packaging and displays with the minimum use of material, and by doing so keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

We want to continue to reduce our CO2 emissions in the coming years with the products in our circular economy. We are also striving to increase the use of lightweight papers and, last but not least, also reduce our energy consumption.

Economic Sustainability

The foundations of our company are based on a long-term and strategic business model, which we aim to use to generate profits within the social market economy to secure our existence and growth.

The fact that our company has a stable financial structure means that we can continuously make sustainable investments. Furthermore, the taxes we pay to the state also provide support. They also help to create jobs, which in turn lead to general prosperity within the system, especially for future generations.

 We take a comprehensive approach to all our business and economic decisions and incorporate aspects of all three pillars of sustainability.

Social Sustainability

For the Panther Group, taking a social approach is a matter of course and indispensable for a mutual coexistence. We augment our Panther philosophy with this decades-long approach by the corporate group supported by the three pillars of sustainability.

Our employees interact with each other in a helpful and respectful manner which reflects our corporate culture. We involve the entire Panther team in all areas in an active way. This also promotes a feeling of togetherness. In addition, our philosophy is fully internalised and embraced.

With our environmentally friendly and recyclable products, we make a contribution to environmental protection and as a result to society as well Not only is corrugated cardboard able to replace plastic in many cases, it can also be recycled, which helps us protect our environment. We also cultivate a conscious approach  at all times to the use of resources.