Already thinking about tomorrow today

As a company that acts responsibly, Panther Packaging has long been committed to the concept of sustainability. We use defined targets to ensure the long-term, preventive conservation of resources, our production is energy-efficient, and we plan our transport operations as effectively as possible to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Identifying and solving problems, promoting innovations and investments in new technologies for the benefit of future generations are an integral part of our corporate policy.


Packaging and displays are manufactured from renewable, recyclable materials, using the maximum possible amount of recycling papers. Panther Packaging is FSC®-certified and offers you an opportunity to document that you operate in an ecologically responsible way using FSC®-certified material.

License Number FSC®-C100392

Economic acting

When developing packaging and displays, Panther Packaging already takes care to create holistic solutions. The development and optimisation of packaging materials takes account of the entire value-added chain for the benefit of ecological and economic aspects – from the thrifty use of materials and efficient packing in the factory to reducing transport and waste disposal volumes.

Social Commitment

Panther Packaging has been committed for decades to the Fritz Landmann Foundation, which sponsors training and advanced training institutions throughout the whole of the paper processing industry.

Our highly motivated, competent employees put into practice and constantly improve all the measures that serve the principle of sustainability. All of them are our strength and our most important capital in the whole of the Panther Group, and they shape our reputation and our performance.

Through our extensive provision of technical and commercial training occupations, we offer young people a wide range of future prospects. We respect and encourage individual initiative and personal self-development among our staff, to achieve maximum customer satisfaction when we work for you in the future as well.

To the Fritz Landmann Foundation