Fritz Landmann established the Fritz Landmann Foundation of the same name in Hamburg in the early nineteen-seventies. Since then, the Foundation has promoted training and further education in the paper processing and paper manufacturing industry. Up to the present day, various institutions throughout Germany have received support totalling more than EUR 10 million.

The Fritz Landmann Foundation

Fritz Landmann was the son of the company’s founder Wilhelm Landmann, and managed the Altonaer Wellpappenfabrik and the Panther Wellpappe company group that arose from it – now Panther Packaging - from 1945 to 1968. He bequeathed a large part of his estate to the Fritz Landmann Foundation in 1974. Sponsorship is given to institutions for training and advanced training in the paper-processing and technical packaging professions.

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Encouraging training and further education

The Foundation’s work supports institutions that provide specialist knowledge and practical skills for professions such as paper or packaging technologist.

The Fritz Landmann Foundation actively encourages nationwide know-how transfer in the paper and packaging industry, for which it has set up via two residential colleges in northern and southern Germany as industry-wide training establishments.

Laboratory establishments and research projects are also financed and sponsored. As a result, the Foundation repeatedly obtains new knowledge that benefits the entire packaging sector.
Panther Packaging has been actively involved in the Fritz Landmann Foundation Hamburg from the very beginning.