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Too bad to hide: Easter bunnies in a mini display

For this year's Easter season, the partners Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG and the start-up the nu company situated in Leipzig (Germany) are continuing their successful cooperation. Based on a secondary placement element created in 2021, a mini-display was further developed for the chocolate bar range and the bunny chocolate Easter bunny. the nu company, founded in 2016, produces various vegan chocolates and bars from fairly traded cocoa, which are made using coconut blossom sugar.

The young company wants to combine enjoyment and a little refreshment in between with conscious, healthier nutrition and at the same time has committed itself to very high sustainability goals. This ranges from the selection of ingredients to the packaging materials used and involvement in several reforestation programs.


Corrugated board pallets are sustainable heavy-duty carriers for cost-saving transport

One of the great advantages of corrugated board is its low weight in relation to its high load-bearing capacity. This has a positive effect on reducing emissions and transport costs. Panther takes advantage of this property profile in the development of corrugated board pallets. At Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, a whole series of differently designed load carriers went through the endurance test before the final products were brought to market. They were also created as part of Panther pro nature in order to generate CO2 savings in the distribution chains, among other things. Under the currently prevailing market conditions, which are characterized by a shortage of raw materials in many areas, the corrugated board pallets that can be produced at short notice have proven to be a high-performance alternative for the load carriers.

Sustainability: Cross-generational journey

Since the founding of the Panther Group 120 years ago, the companies have been on a continuous path of advancement, based on the manufacture and conversion of corrugated board. Sustainability has always been an integral part of the business model. As the reuse of waste paper as a resource for high-quality, new corrugated board has been common practice for decades. This circular economy is still playing a pioneering role today. The environmental compatibility of corrugated board is reflected in the use of around 80% recycled paper as the most important source of raw materials. The Panther Group has dedicated itself to this exemplary material since it was founded and always aligns its sustainability goals with the available possibilities of this versatile raw material for packaging, displays and PoS elements.

Honeycomb rosette hot air balloon gives display weightless lightness

The renewed collaboration between Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG with Staedtler continues a very successful partnership. A secondary placement was created for the current promotional campaign of the manufacturer of painting, drawing and handicraft utensils, which makes a hot-air balloon made of a honeycomb rosette the central eye-catcher. With a recycled content of 75%, the display experts in Wustermark have also placed sustainability in the selection of raw materials in the foreground for this secondary display made of corrugated board.

Mono-material corrugated board: Move forward with recyclable coatings

Almost every branch of industry with a need for transport and product packaging is increasingly concerned with the packaging materials used to date, with their environmental impact, ecological balance sheets and their sustainability aspects. This leads to alternative packaging concepts being explored, which include a lower carbon footprint, extensive recycling options and very often no composite materials or plastics. The know-how bundled at the Panther Print GmbH for the high-quality finishing of corrugated paper in the flexo preprint process offers numerous substitution solutions, that meet the highest optical requirements and at the same time also have additional technical properties: The experts at Panther Print process specific ones directly on the printing machine varnishes and coatings that offer resistance to water or grease, for example, or develop anti-slip properties. With these paper webs processed by Panther Print, the mono-material corrugated board allows a wide range of new applications, that meet the requirements mentioned above.

Displays for care brand sebamed® create trust at Point of Sale

Panther Pharma Service, a team of experts from Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG situated in Wustermark and a company of the Panther Group, is increasingly making a name for itself as a sought-after partner for both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The core of this segment is a unique full service, carried out by a specially trained team for the tasks of the branches with sensitive products, which offers advice with holistic solutions.

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