WorldStar for Panther: Brand awareness successfully increased

As in the summer of this year the German Packaging Institute as part of the German Packaging Award, the WPO (World Packaging Organization) has now also awarded a WorldStar in the “Point of Sale” category to the extraordinary display for the Nuremberg company Staedtler.

The secondary placement element created by Panther Display with the detailed colour and design language "... fits perfectly into the marketing strategy and helps to increase brand awareness", was the verdict of the international jury, thereby recognizing the visual implementation of Staedtler's creativity strategy by the display experts.


"Fits perfectly into the marketing strategy and helps to increase brand awareness", is the verdict of the jury of the World Packaging Organization about the Panther Display PoS staging for Staedtler.

The WPO has been awarding WorldStars to competitors from all over the world since 1970. It is one of the largest global industry events dedicated to the continuous development of packaging design and technology, recognizing this and at the same time creating incentives to learn from the award-winning winners. The jury evaluations focus on criteria such as innovation, sustainability, hygiene and other trends. This is intended, for example, to highlight the efforts of branded goods manufacturers, designers and students to find packaging solutions for the future.

The Staedtler back-to-school campaign for 2021 was dedicated to the topic of "nature". The secondary placement of Panther Display focuses on the very successful and popular coloured pencils of the Noris Colour brand. The central eye-catcher of the display is a towering tree with a three-dimensional canopy of leaves. The tree symbolizes the responsible use of Staedtler's wood, from which the pens are made. Due to the filigree paper structure of a rosette, the element appeals to several senses of the consumer: When there is a slight breeze, the honeycomb rosette moves like in the natural surroundings of a forest.

With reference to the drawing and crayons, the display is given a print design in which hand-hatched drawings of nature motifs, earth, grass, flowers, animals, etc. are combined with one another. The well-known Staedtler logo is placed on the central display body so that it can be recognized from afar.

The display with ½ pallet dimensions presents both goods on euro hooks and upright products in hanging trays and a floor tray. It is based on a corrugated cardboard pallet with a cover and offers a lot of space for product presentation on up to six levels on the front and back as well as on a narrow side. A simple replenishment with the branded products is possible at any time.

As an important part of Staedtler's supply chain, Panther Display also takes on the assembly of the secondary placements. In close coordination with the customer, the required quantities are set up and made available on demand. At the end of the campaign, the display made of corrugated board goes back into the material cycle and is put to a new use by recycling waste paper.