Storage compartment base: With decorative elements in the bag

The creative freedom for individual secondary placements is almost inexhaustible today. With state-of-the-art production machines, Panther Display fulfills demanding customer requirements and manufactures an immense variety of different PoS solutions for products from any food and beverage segment as well as non-food items. With their support, Panther builds a bridge to end consumers. The display experts now turned their gaze to a critical success factor for the attractive promotional elements in everyday life. They have developed “Clever on stage”, the storage compartment base that functions as a luggage compartment and transport container for all of the display's decorative elements.

[Translate to English:] Sockel als Staufach: Clever on stage hält alle Dekorationselemente griffbereit; auch großformatige Torbogen-Elemente sind vorhanden

Toppers, boxes for information material or a variety of decorative punched parts, that complete the appearance of the PoS staging can be found in the base and are sent in one unit with the display. The compact shipping unit makes life easier for sales representatives. Moreover, additional packaging material and transport are saved, which has a positive effect on the carbon footprint.

A flap is opened on the narrow side of the base, the decorative elements can be removed and attached or plugged in at the designated points on the display in just a few simple steps. Then the flap is closed again, so that a double placement of two pallet displays, for example in combination to an archway, is possible.

The new storage compartment base "Clever on stage" offers the possibility to let the best possible design of the PoS staging in the store arise spontaneously. Any decorative elements that have not been used remain hidden in the base. The construction allows modular extensions at any time - for example through the combination with the new „1-Piece Base“, another innovative base development from Panther, with which the company proves its expertise in functional and clever detailed solutions for successful PoS elements.

The secondary placement, made entirely of corrugated board, will be recycled via the waste paper cycle after the promotion.