Shaping the future with the "Panther pro nature” strategic approach

Sustainability has already been a high priority for the Panther Group for decades. This global concern and the associated sense of responsibility towards the environment is constantly in focus. Sustainability is viewed holistically according to the three pillars of ecology, economy and social issues. These are used to define targets, examine processes and to continuously adapt to the latest developments. Consequently, an overall solution is developed and not just individual solution modules, in order to align our daily actions with it. This is what our Panther pro nature strategy, which is an integral part of our corporate strategy, stands for.

Aligned with the long-term perspective, among other things we contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment (soil, air and water) and specifically improving our carbon footprint. This means the impact of our products on the CO2 emissions of the entire production chain, from raw material production, corrugated board production and processing right through to deliver to our customers. Along the entire value chain, we are striving to reduce and substitute emission-intensive drivers while maintaining the same quality. Taking the respective circumstances of individual locations into account, measures have been defined with targets for 2030 that are in line with German and European climate and environmental policy. These measures include, for example, the fact that the entire Panther Group has been using CO2-neutral electricity since 2021, or product innovations using grass paper, as well as the use of lightweight papers for flexo-preprint (Panther SmartPrint) for the economical use of materials. Over the years, various products have already been developed under Panther  pro nature.


The Panther Group - a climate-neutral company

We are aware, that in order to carry out our business activities, we cannot completely prevent the generation of greenhouse gas emissions during the production of corrugated packaging, displays or printed products. Therefore, as an emitter of CO2, we use the widespread term "climate neutrality" as a guiding principle for our daily actions and thinking. We always ensure that our actions are carried out in a way that conserves resources. In addition, we offset the CO2 emissions we generate and support a recognised climate protection project in the field of wind energy. As a partner in climate protection, we contribute to combatting global warming and to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Although greenhouse gas emissions are unavoidable, our corrugated board products made from renewable raw materials are part of the circular economy. Therefore, packaging and displays are fed back into the cycle after use through recycling. That being said, the importance and thus the function of packaging should not be disregarded, which in itself contributes to the conservation of resources. Packaging offers directional protection: products or packaged goods are protected from external influences, but the environment is also protected from the packaged products.

The Panther Group demonstrates its sense of responsibility and underscores its commitment to sustainability through its recycled products, targeted measures and the climate protection project.