New, one-piece base construction with plug-in cross - Base assembly from the wrist

The development experts at Panther Display have once again proven, that their know-how, their creativity and the optimal use of technical requirements lead to intelligent, material and cost-optimized PoS elements. The current result is a display base, that consists of just one compact part. The construction called “1-Piece-Base” integrates a plug-in cross as well as plug-in lugs and fold-out locks. The entire corrugated board base is manufactured in one continuous machine run on the folder gluer. The result is a display base, that combines the sustainability aspects of material reduction, ease of handling and recyclability.

After a few simple steps, 1-Piece-Base is ready to accommodate the goods-carrying display.

A variety of secondary placements for a wide variety of brands and products use a base to positively influence both stability and load-bearing capacity and the overall height of the display. The new 1-Piece-Base was preceded by the idea of significantly simplifying the structure through design-related properties, while saving time and achieving the required load-bearing capacity. The combination of a base with a cross connector usually requires a multi-part solution. With the new, stable base and cross-connector construction, Panther Display has combined all functions in one cut.

The base, which is delivered flat, is simply unfolded. The punched-out noses of the cross-connector anchor themselves in the slots provided and immediately ensure, that the base is stable. The assembly is completed after just a few folds. The integrated locks allow it to be attached to a pallet.

With the innovative PoS element, Panther Display presents a cost-conscious and material-saving alternative. The processing and assembly time is shortened. The efficient and effective machine production allows the rapid production of large quantities, as required in many market segments. After use, the corrugated board base is recycled.