Flexible gift packaging for Easter, Mother's Day and so many other occasions

This year, the Panther subsidiary in Coswig came up with a very special packaging for ideal Easter presents. A nest in the form of an Easter egg, which can be filled with eggnog bottles, for example.

A basic folding box was designed for an outer packaging corresponding to Easter under the premise that this concept could also be converted for other holidays, such as Valentine's Day and the annual Mother's Day in May. This represented an additional component for the developers, as both an Easter egg and a heart shape were to be created. In addition, safe transport of the goods must be ensured, for which a compartment is provided.

The packaging is not glued. They are to be closed with a ribbon. For this purpose there is a hole with an eyelet at the top of the outer packaging. This type of closure underlines the character of a present in combination with a high-quality print.

The specialties of this gift packaging are not only the details and the filigree, but also in the possibility of year-round use in various forms.