Automation creates more productivity - Panther Pharma Service is expanding at a rapid pace

With the investment in three high-performance machines, Panther Pharma Service is currently expanding its capacities and increasing its productivity again. The service for the pharmaceutical industry based at Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG is reacting to increasing market requirements and increasing its production speed significantly. A combination machine consisting of a cartoner as well as a form, fill and seal machine, a banding machine and a sleeve/shrink tunnel now complement the machine park with important service providers for the complex production steps.

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The installation of the three new machines means greater automation of different work processes. Panther Pharma Service can therefore also fulfill orders with larger volumes in a short time.

Thanks to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing permit in accordance with Section 13 of the German Medicines Act (AMG) and other certifications, Panther Display guarantees consistently high product quality and compliance with the mandatory marketing requirements of the health authorities. The new machines are now also being integrated into this environment.

The multifunctional machine with cartoner, form, fill and seal unit processes folding boxes; the erected boxes will be filled with the products provided by the customers. These are, for example, blister packs, sachets or other typical packaging for pharmaceuticals, food supplements, cosmetic products, etc.

The folding boxes are completed and sealed with package inserts and instructions for use, which are formatted using a folding unit. The machine increases the capacities of Panther Pharma Service considerably, so that significantly more orders can be fulfilled in a short time.

With the help of the newly installed mobile stretch banding machine, appropriate multipacks are bundled from a defined number of individual packs and packaged hygienically. The machine works at a speed of up to 40 folding boxes/min. The also newly integrated sleeve / shrink tunnel is used, among other things, for the frequently requested packaging of OnPack campaigns and promotional variations. The stainless steel construction of the shrink tunnel, which works with hot air, is specifically designed to use for pharmaceutical uses. In addition to folding boxes, other packaging shapes such as bottles or cans can be precisely wrapped with different foils.

With the investments made, Panther Pharma Service can meet all customer requirements from packaging and picking, co-packing and labeling to logistics solutions.