3 in 1: Promotion for neo-angin® junior from Panther Display

The proven and well-known brand neo-angin® launched two medical products for sore throats specifically developed for children in 2021. Now, in partnership with the Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG, a trio of secondary placement and promotional elements for neo-angin® junior made of corrugated board has been created, which is based on a uniform display basis. The construction allows it to be used both as a floor display and as a hand sale display, as well as a sales-promoting stand without products for shop windows or sales rooms of pharmacies.

In order to be able to address the target group specifically, the manufacturer chose the shape of the lollipop for the design, based on the neo-angin® junior sore throat lollipop. This child-friendly dosage form relieves a sore throat with Iceland moss. Sucking soothes the irritated mucous membranes in the mouth and throat and is delicious thanks to strawberry flavor. The visual design is particularly impressive (a development by the creative agency Jäger Health GmbH): the strawberry comic-like on the topper with a large, red lollipop in hand looks likeable and also gives parents a good feeling.

Important attributes of neo-angin® junior, such as the absence of artificial colors and alcohol, are clearly marked on the topper. The goods-carrying chute below is based on a sliced strawberry, which is placed on a rectangular base. The goods-carrying floor display reaches a total height of more than one meter and presents the goods at an easily accessible height with the possibility of removal from all sides.

In order to have an alternative to presenting goods on counters or hand sales tables, the display for neo-angin® junior is used without the base. Finally, as a third variant, the base with the attached topper is combined to form an attractive and attention-grabbing decorative element. In this way, the display can still be used sensibly for the promotion even after the sale of the promotional goods. In the end, the corrugated board display can of course be completely returned to the material cycle via the recycling of waste paper.