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Year-round variety on the hook - Mono-material display for all non-food product groups

Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik (part of the Panther Group) developed the new display solution for the successful company: it is largely standardized and at the same time can be customized as required. The choice fell on the patent-protected Priamos series, which does not require any side panels due to its innovatively designed rear wall and thus allows a perfect view of the products. However, this does not reduce the stability of the display. Visually, the display line impresses with its wide stele, which gives the shelving system a special elegance.

Depending on the season, promotion or need, Wenco uses the Priamos variant for ¼-pallets, which is then finished with a wide variety of print motifs to suit the occasion and equipped with variable topper motifs. Priamos can be produced in all Wepoba standard mono-colors. An open and flexibly designed look coupled with high stability are the key properties of Priamos that convinced Wenco. This replaced an existing secondary placement with HDF (high-density fiberboard) backing. Today, the company uses a mono-material solution based on corrugated board and thus also scores points in terms of recycling.

Wenco regularly puts together a comprehensive range for the barbecue season. The current theme of "barbecuing" is prominently featured with the Priamos secondary placement, printed in a trendy, natural-looking wood look. The very dimensionally stable back panel allows the various barbecue tongs, knives and other accessories to be hung on hooks. In the base area, two trays additionally accommodate heavier products and parts, e.g. barbecue lighters and pastes. The innovative fastening system on the back provides a high degree of stability for the trays. Whether placed at an angle to the front, straight or slightly slanted to the back to prevent goods from tipping forward, many variants of tray suspension are possible.

Wenco is continuously developing the seasonal ranges with new ideas in terms of functionality, design and topicality. In addition to the "barbecue" version, displays on the themes of "spring", "Christmas" and "New Year's Eve" are also used, with their print design picking up on typical motifs of the respective occasion. On request, Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik can supply Priamos variants with trays already hooked in, which then only need to be unfolded on site before being loaded with goods.

(Source: Panther Packaging)

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