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Too bad to hide: Easter bunnies in a mini display

The young company wants to combine enjoyment and a little refreshment in between with conscious, healthier nutrition and at the same time has committed itself to very high sustainability goals. This ranges from the selection of ingredients to the packaging materials used and involvement in several reforestation programs.

A seasonal product range was produced for Easter this year, which is prominently placed with partners in the food retail trade. The mini-display produced by Panther Display with the motif-defining bunny as a topper offers Easter chocolate, nucao chocolate bars and the bunny chocolate bunnies on four tray levels. The frontal view shows the entire Easter range at a glance, although it would be a shame to hide it.

The trays protrude a few centimeters to the front, so that there is a high level of recognition even when the display is viewed from the side. The space-saving basic dimensions of 295 x 290 mm predestine the sales promotion element for use in checkout areas. The precisely stamped bunny stands out with its height of more than 1.6 meters and thus increases the attractiveness of the display.
By using existing tools, the secondary placement could be adapted to the Easter season inexpensively and at very short notice. Under the motto "That's how the rabbit runs in 2022", the nu company strengthens its level of awareness and sales.

Panther Display manufactured the corrugated board mini-display from FSC-certified materials. Laminated board on one side on EE-flute is used for the sleeve, while the topper, the support, the trays and the inserts are laminated on one side on E-flute used board.
The construction of the mini-display was determined with foresight: The arrangement of the trays takes into account the larger seasonal items compared to the standard product range, such as the bunny chocolate rabbit or the chocolate penguin from the nu company, which is offered during the Christmas season. Their amount was therefore taken into account accordingly. This means that the display with the same architecture can be used for different occasions – with individual toppers and printed images.

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