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Preprint: Interior printing for installation instructions - Plenty of space for customer-friendly service

For the Robusto laminate series, Panther manufactures packaging that, in addition to protecting the valuable laminate, above all takes into account some important and useful features for the consumer. For example, the Robusto name is punched out: on the one hand, this concisely displays the brand name, and on the other hand, it allows a clear view of the respective decor of the laminate even when the packaging is closed. The company, which offers hundreds of different wood decors or color shades, thus makes it easy for consumers to identify "their" desired laminate.

The laminate elements, which vary in length, width and height, require packaging that is well over a meter long. To make them easy to open, a tear strip is incorporated. Detailed installation instructions open up to the user inside the packaging: with over a dozen pictograms, the do-it-yourself customer is guided step-by-step through the correct installation of the high-quality flooring.

Swiss Krono supplies its products to 80 countries. The use of internationally understandable pictograms on the inside of the packaging is a clever and at the same time customer-friendly solution that eliminates the need for tedious reading of lengthy text paragraphs in countless languages.

Panther prints the inside in a single-color corrugated preprint, while the outside is printed on a rotary die cutter with three-color printing in a postprint. The combination of the two printing processes from a single source is a logistical as well as cost-relevant advantage for Panther customers.

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