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Patent in many facets - New RSi standard shelving system

The objective was ambitious: The basic design was to be retained and improved in individual facets at the same time. At the end of the development, handling during assembly is now much easier and logistics have been optimized. Of course, functionality had to be retained in all this. With the RSi display line, all goals were achieved.

The Panther Group's patent-pending new display line "RSi" redefines the performance profile of standard shelving systems in many respects: saving in the right places, slots with stability function, new suspension of the bottom trays, particularly slim line during transport, more U-punchings and thus space for a higher number of blister hooks and, last but not least, trays from a single blank.

Clever material savings with more stability at the same time

The slots required for inserting the trays are now longer, exclusively straight and are simply folded in. In this way, the material folded inwards serves as a spacer to the jacket. The straight slots save tray material and, thanks to the selected length, have a positive effect on the stability of the display.

The new suspension of the bottom trays allows for easy assembly and at the same time guarantees stability due to a firm insertion into the mantle.

The side panels were also subjected to a review. This resulted in the solution to significantly reduce the material volume of the folded parts. The flush-folded side parts allow a 35% higher number of pieces per pallet, thus reducing transport costs.

The rear wall of the shelving system also features an innovation. It is now possible to have 35 instead of 31 U-punchings next to each other and to accommodate correspondingly more hooks for blister products.

Finally, the trays in the new line consist of only one component. All these technical optimizations add up to the desired benefits: The new RSi shelving line saves material, is easier to assemble, and shortens production time while maintaining high functionality. Important prerequisites have thus been created for a successful future of shelving systems in the retail sector.

Maximum individuality from flexible standard modular system

To complement the line's many technical benefits, the Panther Group offers the new RSi standard displays in fifteen different color variants, from metallic to the trendy matte black to much sought-after wood-look decors. For customers, choosing a variant of these versatile standard displays means eliminating tooling costs. This means that very cost-effective solutions are available that nevertheless offer maximum individuality - including toppers manufactured specifically for customers.

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