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Panther Print continues on a resource-saving path with lightweight paper

Panther Print has defined clear goals and measures to make its contribution to protecting and preserving the environment. One of the possibilities is the reduction of materials, i.e. a lower mass per unit area (grammage) by using lightweight paper. Panther Smart Print was created on this basis.

White, coated and uncoated linerboards with a mass per unit area of ​​100 g/m² are available for high-quality printed packaging, which can be printed at up to 48 L/cm. They are ideal print media for the flexo preprint, on which the desired motifs can be reproduced in accordance with the specifications. In addition, the shaft is subjected to less stress during roll pre-printing, so that the same technical properties can be achieved with light-weight paper as with high-grammage paper in post-printing. It is thus possible to benefit from the flexo-preprint process on light-weight corrugated paper, especially when environmentally friendly action is a priority, as is the case with Panther Print.

Both economic and ecological advantages are achieved. The grammage of the paper can be reduced with the flexo preprint process (roll preprint), which leads to cost savings and at the same time to a lower CO2 footprint by reducing the tonnage used.

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