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New building for Panther Display - high-performance technology on doubled production area

This expansion is accompanied by a significant increase in capacity as well as the optimization of all internal production and logistics processes at Panther Display. The growing workforce and the commissioning of an additional high-performance display gluing machine and a planned flatbed die-cutter create the conditions for continuing the successful development of Panther Display over the long term.

In less than seven months, a production and storage hall was built, which offers the company more than 6,000 m²   of space, which means more than doubling. The building was also supplemented with additional office and social space of approx. 500 m². At the same time, the hall received three additional loading ramps, which make the logistical processes in this area significantly faster. The new building meets today's requirements in terms of environmental protection: LED lighting throughout the production facility and e.g. E.g. modern insulation for fire protection and thermal insulation.

New high-performance machines form the backbone of production in line with the constantly increasing quality requirements of Panther Display's wide range of customers. Another flatbed die-cutter increases the capacity of high-precision display components in any desired and complex shape. The highly flexible display gluing machine allows the efficient production of different designs, especially bases and displays.

Right from the start, the name Panther Display has stood for exceptional, brand-supporting and sales-promoting products that are impressive in terms of technology, shape and color design. Sophisticated constructions give the second places attention, high stability and load capacity. With the help of modern machinery, it is even easier to manufacture the POS elements in a particularly user-friendly manner, so that they can be set up on site easily, quickly and mostly without technical aids. The Panther Display experts develop innovative solutions that enable use at the P.O.S. attractive to more and more customers. Folding techniques and plug-in connections form the basis for easy assembly and disassembly of the elements. Large-format displays are increasingly made up of one- or two-part cuts. Volume-saving shipping units of the folded displays ensure that they can be transported in a trunk.

The continued positive development of Panther Display also creates new jobs. With the full commissioning of the new production capacity, the workforce will be further expanded in the future, and numerous trainees will also be given a start in various training occupations.

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