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Juiceful Things "Ice Box"

A special water-repellent coating on the inside prevents the corrugated board from softening. The self-contained construction additionally prevents the leakage of liquids due to, for example, melting ice cubes. With the help of a special folding technique, permeable openings are skillfully avoided. In the fanned state, a kind of cool box is formed, in which beverage cans of ice are kept refreshingly cool.

The Ice Box is ideal for sale at petrol stations, kiosks or similar fast shops, as it can be quickly filled with ice on site for a short-term refreshment.

It is also ideal for use at home, as it is quickly filled to cool down. For example, the Ice Box can be set up as a space-saving mobile fridge when used at barbecue parties or similar events.

Printable from the outside, individual motifs can be depicted, for example, to suit the hot season or the product.

In the summer, Ice Box will simply be the spontaneous alternative to the cool box in the future.

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