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Individual advent calendars – planning for the next Christmas business is a year-round project

In recent years, many imaginative solutions have emerged that offer surprises in many respects: Not only do 24 doors promise a little joy every day, the calendars and three-dimensional adaptations themselves come with details that conjure up a smile. The calendar developed for the 2021 Christmas season, for example, allows two elements to be opened laterally thanks to precise punching technology. This completes the printed image in the front view. The happily smiling Santa Clause with his pointed hat on which a Christmas tree ball can be hung and his rustling beard is a true ambassador of the festival. The format chosen by Panther creates space for 24 large doors, behind which appropriately sized items are safely hidden.

Attention to detail is also reflected in the high-quality print motifs, implemented in the printing technology best suited to the customer's requirements, as well as in the design and technical design. In addition to classic, high-quality confectionery, a wide variety of non-food items - including very fragile products that need to be protected from damage - are increasingly being placed in the Advent calendar. The experts at the Panther Group take all of these criteria into account when developing the innovative sculptures.

Early planning is recommended so that the seasonal goods are available on time at the beginning of the Christmas season. This is especially true at the moment as supply chains are under a lot of pressure around the world. Working in partnership with the customer, Panther works through every step – from development through to delivery. This ensures that the anticipation of the Christmas season is guaranteed for next year as well.

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