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Honeycomb rosette hot air balloon gives display weightless lightness

Like the partially award-winning display developments for Staedtler in recent years, for example the Staedtler Back-to-School campaign for 2021, which was awarded a World Star, the new PoS presentation also creates a wide variety of colored pencils and other utensils for drawing a very special fantasy world. The second placement implemented for 2022 thus stands in the imaginative tradition of the previously presented displays: the Staedtler back-to-school campaign for 2021 was dedicated to the topic "nature". The central eye-catcher of the display was a towering tree with a three-dimensional canopy. With the filigree paper structure of a rosette, the element appealed to several of the consumer's senses: the honeycomb rosette moved with a slight breeze, as in the natural environment of a forest.

In the back-to-school campaign 2020, the theme world “distant galaxies and planets” dictated the design of the display. In collaboration with Staedtler, Panther Display developed the three-dimensional shape of a rocket taking off.

At the start of school in 2019, the Nuremberg manufacturer of creative goods opened the back-to-school themed campaign with a secondary placement that appealed to young people and adults alike. Visible from afar, the Staedtler display in the shape of a dragon attracted interested parties and formed a friendly, colorful setting for painting and drawing utensils.

The idea of ​​the honeycomb rosette, which has received both national and international awards, is now also being picked up on in the current display design for 2022 and, with the variant of a hot-air balloon including the elevator car, shows how diversely the honeycomb can be formed.

At a total height of more than 1.80 meters and 1.10 meters wide, a colorful mountain landscape under a blue sky is created on the display with a central wall. This already begins on the pallet casing, from which laterally supporting elements continue the print motif to the centrally placed support wall for the attached trays and the hanging goods.

The products are presented on two sides and are therefore clearly arranged and easily accessible. The brightly colored balloon is attached to the side of the towering Steele and is an attraction at the PoS that can be seen from afar.

At the end of the campaign, the display made of corrugated cardboard, including the pallet made of corrugated cardboard, goes back into the material cycle and is put to a new use via waste paper recycling.

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