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Environmentally friendly cushioning material for best impact protection - corrugated board protects fire extinguishing guns

Panther Packaging relies on a new mono-material packaging for the extinguishing gun, replacing the existing multi-component solution with foam inserts with an environmentally friendly corrugated board protection. As a cushioning material, a clever corrugated board construction now takes over the protective tasks for the extinguishing agent, which weighs more than five kilograms. The company has succeeded in creating packaging that is both easy and quick to assemble and inexpensive to produce. The packaging has become smaller overall and also offers greater impact protection. The smaller dimensions of the packaging add up to significant logistical advantages when forming pallets. They also require less space during transport.

All packaging components recyclable

The boxes are made of EB corrugated and combine the outer shell with a total of four carding trays that hold the gun in a floating position, without contact with the outer walls of the package. In this way, the fire extinguishing pistols are fixed and thus firmly anchored.

In this way, the pistol, which is potentially life-saving in emergency situations, is optimally protected against impact and damage and remains in perfect condition and ready for use. When the packaging is no longer needed, it can be completely recycled.

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