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Enjoy the freedom outside - PoS presentations make you want to do outdoor activities

The printed mascot “Mr. Gardener” is the likeable ambassador of the brand: on both sides of the ½-pallet display for Happe People, he smiles happily and attracts attention at the consumer. The topper clearly communicates the brand name and the slogan "for little gardeners" that links the product range.

The secondary placement is designed for sales on both sides and offers, among other things, the opportunity to present hanging goods well and securely on hooks. Other trays offer space for various product sets, in which, for example, small watering cans, shovels or rakes are arranged. For the sale of individual items, Panther has included plug-in inserts in which the shovels or rakes are always neatly positioned upright and very easy to remove. Due to the equipment on both sides, a lot of goods are presented on a small footprint.

The constructive elements paired with the print design form a successful combination for successful sales. The entire presentation appeals to parents and children alike.

Grill like the pros with the Jim Beam Barbecue Collection

In addition to nature lovers, many other stakeholders will find enriching ideas for outdoor activities thanks to Panther secondary placement elements at the PoS. For fans of the cultivated grill or BBQ experience, the Jim Beam Barbecue Collection (a brand of Lived non food GmbH from Braunschweig, licensee of Jim Beam) has everything that grill enthusiasts need for the varied preparation of a wide variety of dishes. The world-famous bourbon from Kentucky is the inspiration for an extensive range of accessories that make a BBQ perfect. The range includes aprons, gloves, grilling utensils, brushes and tongs, cast iron pans and the grill wok, etc. Many of these items are presented in a very stable secondary display made by Panther for use in discounters, supermarkets and DIY stores.

The standard display, which is easy to set up, is based on the ¼ pallet dimension. The heavy-duty corrugated board pallet in rich black forms a harmonious unit with the PoS element. It is characterized above all by the possibility of versatile assembly variants. While the heavy products are arranged in the bottom pallet tray, the very resilient and stable rear perforated wall is used to present the hanging goods. Articles of different sizes find their place in a clear and well-arranged manner, and the goods can be removed very easily.

Side walls that are slightly slanted upwards are used for the branding print design: The motif combines the image of appetizing grilled food over blazing flames with selected items from the product series on a black background. The heavy-duty corrugated board pallet in rich black forms a harmonious unit with the PoS element. The Jim Beam brand logo dominates the design, clearly visible from afar. The golden lettering “The Barbecue Collection” completes the design. This creates a very valuable print image that visualizes the high quality standards of the brand.

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