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E-Commerce packaging of the Panther Group: no room for improvement

The system solutions for individual shipping save resources and material and they score points with the end customer, since the packs correspond exactly to the dimensions of the filling goods and therefore do not transport any excess air.

This clever solution is ideal for a large number of products, that are ordered by end consumers over the internet. Another growing segment is the purchase of pharmaceuticals and medical products from online pharmacies.

The Panther Group is a sought-after partner for companies in the pharmaceutical industry and their increasingly growing online business. The ingenious packaging concepts made from sustainable corrugated board solutions that can be recycled are recommended for this target group in particular. The shipping packaging can be processed automatically at the customer's site - starting with depalletizing, through the erecting process, filling, sealing and preparation for dispatch. Special design details, such as patent bases, applied foils or an upright function make work processes easier and save time during assembly.

Alternatively, Panther also offers an all-round service for pharmacy distribution of a wide variety of pharmaceutical products via the so-called Panther Pharma Service. Co-packing, fulfillment, displays and shipping packaging come reliably from a single source thanks to AMG approval.

Panther’s shipping packaging concept includes various options for closure technology and, if desired, takes into account the return function through perforations or adhesive surfaces for self-adhesive closures.

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