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DREISTERN relaunch continues partnership-based cooperation - Optimized appearance of the brand at the PoS

Claudius Arenthold, Managing Director of DREISTERN: "The display underscores the brand relaunch of DREISTERN and has the optimal size for the new product range of our meals and specialties with a filling weight of 400 g. 120 units of the various "home-made dishes from the region" are presented on a display. The newly integrated, hinged top sign offers very easy handling and can be exchanged according to the different products. A secondary placement has emerged that draws attention from all around. The idea for this design germinated at the interesting Panther Packaging workshop, which impressively conveyed the aspects of successful customer contact in a very up-to-date manner.”

In the new version of the secondary placement, DREISTERN relies on better visibility and brand-typical recognition effects. In addition, the display has increased significantly in height compared to the previous PoS presentation. At the same time, a slimmer silhouette was chosen­. The brand image is additionally clarified with the top sign, which is stamped in the shape of the original can of the products.

The carrying capacity of the new display is unchanged. As before, the food­manufacturer pays great attention to logistical processes and is now combining the changed, attention­grabbing product presentation with good truck transport space utilization thanks to the ¼-Chep measure.

With this basic dimension, the second place carries a total weight of over 50 kilograms when fully equipped. Divided into four tray levels, DREISTERN succeeds in small spaces at the PoS to present a maximum product range.

Height creates long-distance effect - Visibility improved

With the additional top sign, another aspect of the optimal sales promotion of displays has been realized: It gives the consumer orientation, as it increases the long-distance effect. This intensifies the customer approach and significantly increases the attractiveness of the secondary placement.

The easy handling of the topper, mentioned by Claudius Arenthold, is achieved by attaching it directly to the display. During transport it lies flat on the top product level and is simply unfolded on site. The geometry of the top sign was adapted to the dimensions of the pallet so that it does not protrude when lying flat. Depending on the product configuration, DREISTERN changes the topper motif accordingly.

Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik implemented the design of the new PoS presentation using the high-quality post-print process. The brand-typical coloring of the base and side walls that taper upwards and the well-known DREISTERN company logo are the key visuals that make it easier to clearly recognize the brand. The claim "Try it now" on the top sign draws attention to the manufacturer's innovations.

In order to regularly draw consumers' attention to well-known and innovative product creations, DREISTERN relies on secondary placements in all retail channels. The relaunch that has now taken place continues this successful strategy. This also means that at the end of the campaign, the displays are completely returned to the waste paper recycling cycle.

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