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Displays for pole position on service counters

The inventors of the ring binders from the Point & Click series of games turned to Panther Display to introduce their innovation. The requirement was to develop a counter display for a total of six ring binders, clearly visible and arranged in two rows of three at a height offset. And they also trusted in the creativity of the display experts to design an optical design that emphasizes the essential features of the new game. The greatest feature of the game series is that it works completely analogue and does not require (computer) technology.

The developers speak of a "puzzle fun". The playing time is specified as at least 300 minutes and the game is intended for only one person. The ring binders contain various lovingly designed utensils, such as playing cards, cross bows and ring-bound game books.

The developers of Panther Display let their imagination run wild and designed a visual language for the counter display made of corrugated board, which visualizes the title of the game "Breaking into Jail". A broken, collapsed wall of bricks symbolizes the theme of the game and determines the design of the exterior as well as the inside of the back wall. In addition to the visual design, the experts for PoS solutions then brought in further ideas, which ultimately led to the display even offering space for eight ring binders. These should stand as upright as possible, which requires a clever trick due to the different geometry of the ring binders (the width varies from 1 cm to 3.5 cm): On the narrow side, the books are supported by their own mounting bars on the right of the display. This ensures that they are positioned upright until they are sold. The addition of two additional ring binders makes optimal use of the space for the secondary placement.

In this new development, Panther Display has been able to contribute its diverse strengths. The conditions for a successful product launch of "Cantaloop - Breaking into Prison" could not be better. The display made of corrugated board is fed into the material cycle of paper recycling at the end of its lifetime.

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