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Bübchen x Bibi & Tina Display makes children's hearts beat faster at the PoS

Last year, those responsible at Bübchen approached Panther Display: A PoS solution was to be developed for the attractive placement of innovative products for the shower and bath, which particularly visualizes the fun factor and the good mood that arises with the shampoos and bubble baths. Bübchen uses motifs of the cartoon characters “Bibi & Tina”*, which are popular with children, as a sympathizer for her new products. Panther Display has succeeded in creating an individual, attention-grabbing secondary placement based on a modular standard display system. The two horse lovers Bibi and Tina with their pony take center stage. They gave the product series its name as well as the design elements on the bottle labels and the display.

“Our new Bübchen Kids products Bibi & Tina bring fun and games to the shower and bath. Children experience skin and hair care as an imaginative adventure with colourful, pleasantly scented mountains of foam. This message also comes from the new Bübchen display and attracts a lot of attention at the PoS,” says Sarah Vogelpoth (Trade Marketing Manager at Bübchen).

The product line developed exclusively by Bübchen for retail partner Rossmann also includes sticker booklets that customers receive free of charge with a minimum purchase.

The constructive basis for the plinth display (1/4 pallet) comes from the Panther Display standard range. The use of the base area is solved very elegantly: It gives the accurately punched fringe a lot of space without protruding beyond the pallet size. The display allows the exchange of different stamped parts, which enable variable decorations. The products are placed in three tray levels that are open to the front.

The fully recyclable secondary placement, made of corrugated board, is easily recycled after the end of the campaign.

*The licensor of Bibi & Tina is Kiddinx Media GmbH

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