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45 years of RRK Wellpappenfabrik in Bottrop - Programmed for growth and success

In total, volume growth of 30% was achieved in the last five years. The further modernization and expansion of the Bottrop site was already apparent on the 40th anniversary in 2016. In the meantime, other state-of-the-art, new machines and systems are contributing to the high performance of the RRK Wellpappenfabrik and forward-looking construction projects have been implemented.

A brief summary shows that the modernizations were also carried out with a view to future viability and in accordance with environmental protection and resource conservation, i.e. with the Panther pro nature sustainability strategy of the Panther Group:

The completely new recycling of residual materials, a new service water treatment plant and an additional dedusting plant for better air conditions in production were investments that directly improved the environment.

A new color mixing system, a waste color storage lift, a dampening system for the corrugated board system to improve quality and a property security concept with monitored access were also part of the investment program.

The expansion of processing capacities with a new miniline, robotic palletizing for the existing midline and two new rotary die cutters represent further milestones in recent years.

The modernization of the corrugator, most recently with a new module facer in 2020, was a highlight, which was supplemented by various peripheral investments, such as in starch processing.

As a long-established company, the RRK Wellpappenfabrik is one of the largest employers in Bottrop. The employees appreciate the commitment of the company - also beyond the company boundaries - not only through a high level of identification with the company, but also through the willingness to actively participate in the qualification measures. The continuous further qualification of the employees and trainees through internal training courses, seminars up to master craftsman training and studies are important pillars of success for the RRK Wellpappenfabrik. In this way, the Panther philosophy, which applies to the entire group of companies, is implemented in an exemplary manner.

The extensive expansion measures are always planned and implemented with the aim of optimizing effectiveness throughout the plant. Productivity and quality are kept at the highest possible level and at the same time the increasing demands for sustainable, environmentally friendly operation of the corrugated board plant are taken into account.

The service concept is the decisive guiding principle. The 45th year of the existence of the RRK Wellpappenfabrik falls in an unknown time of the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, the company is happy about this anniversary with the certainty of achieving further growth, being a reliable employer and a strong partner for customers, suppliers and business partners.

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