Perfect match - Chio Game Day and HighRise

To promote the tortilla and dip range from Chio (Intersnack), the manufacturer relies on the HighRise PoS element from Panther. The “Chio Game Day” campaign is aimed primarily at football fans: The nibble varieties of corn tortillas are the perfect complement to the sporting event.

HighRise follows a behavior learned by people in everyday life: important and helpful signals or rules, such as traffic lights, informational information or signposts, direct the viewer upwards. There they are the undisguised, visible orientation aid for all imaginable situations.


[Translate to English:] Football und Tortillas gehen eine Symbiose ein – in der Kampagne „Chio Game Day“ verhilft die Teleskop-Funktion von HighRise dem P.O.S.-Element eine unübersehbare Präsenz.

Temptations at lofty heights
With the development of HighRise, an extraordinary VKF agent is created from just a few components. Attention strength is redefined by the think tank JuicefulThings of the Panther Group.

The construction provides that the display or chute is built on a Euro pallet and equipped with goods and the decorative elements as well as the topper structure. This reaches a height of up to 2,000 mm. It is erected with the help of an elastic mechanism, the side parts are then pulled outwards into their final position by employees in the trade. The PoS elements are set up and fitted in the warehouse or at the manufacturer, then the Euro pallet is delivered to the retailer.

With HighRise, advertising messages can be communicated in a clearly visible and unobstructed manner at the PoS. The element is set up as a supplement to secondary placements above the products and gives promotional goods an unmistakable presence thanks to the long-distance effect. The construction almost automatically does all the work. HighRise is particularly suitable for island placements in which several displays are combined. Thanks to the characteristics of a floating superstructure, different themes and product worlds can be individually tailored to the goods below and attract the attention of consumers.

In Chio's campaign, HighRise can make full use of all the advantages: The topper, which can be seen from afar, sends the brand message of “Game Day” in all directions.