Forward-looking and reliable partnership

As a systemically important company, the Panther Group is making a decisive contribution to the security of supply for customers, particularly from the food, pharmaceutical and mail order industries, during the ongoing pandemic. The unrestricted supply of trading partners and thus the supply of consumers with, among other things, food, hygiene articles and important medicines are reliably supported by the flexible Panther factories. The very quickly implemented measures to protect Panther employees were the prerequisite for the smooth functioning of the production processes in all production facilities. Political officials such as the Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier or Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, are currently emphasizing the indispensability of the German packaging industry as a guarantee for the safe distribution of food and medicines. It also sounds like the importance of the industry's innovative strength.

[Translate to English:] Abstand halten – dank dieser Wellpappenfigur wird es leicht, die geforderte Distanz zu Mitmenschen zu wahren.

The example of several corrugated board solutions developed in the last few weeks shows the speed of reaction and development competence of the Panther factories. As support for the various companies and employees who are needed at their workplaces during the current situation, in addition to urgently needed packaging for the various customers, numerous aids to protect against infection and to make it easier to keep distances. With the products, hygiene concepts can be implemented more easily and they offer greater security against possible transmission of the virus in a wide variety of areas of life. Because with increasing knowledge about the spread and danger of Covid-19, contact restrictions and distance regulations remain of great importance to contain further infections.

StandUp-Star for polite clarification
The entrance and access areas of retail stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores, medical centers, etc. are increasingly advising customers or patients on information boards of the order of the day: Please keep your distance, show consideration and maintain hygiene standards. With the StandUp-Star from Panther, a stable and stable, flexible corrugated board column that can be delivered at short notice is available, which makes an important contribution to this educational work. The Panther Group manufactures these display variants in quantities requested by the customer and prints them with individual designs.

That is 1.50 meters - the spacer
This figure creates a life-size spacer that makes it unmistakably clear how people approach each other and at the same time maintain a safe distance that reduces the risk of infection. An implementation that was easy and quick to set up should be found. Panther answers the challenge with a pluggable figure that is connected with four sleeves. This gives it the necessary stability and clearly communicates on two sides that the distance is correct. Thanks to the figure's outstretched arms, the health-promoting 1.50 meters (or more) to other people are easy to maintain. The body also offers plenty of space for printed, other textual information or images - depending on the purpose and location.

In tight working environments, additional measures are required to keep employees safe and to reduce the risk of infection. To this end, Panther has developed the "table dividers" in different sizes. Corrugated board frames with large cutouts for transparent protective films are ideal for setting up on desks or in other areas with visual contact.

The floor-to-ceiling version of the stand, which also has a large window, can be used in different rooms to create safe zones for employees or customers - distance without any partitioning effect.

Corrugated board products can serve well as door stoppers, latch levers, handle protectors, mobile display walls, mask boxes or modular space dividers. Panther has developed an extensive portfolio of aids that can be used in the course of the long-awaited and increasing efforts to relax in gastronomy, in public spaces and in retail. Panther can quickly deliver the products in a neutral form or individually with a specific brand design.