The service specialist all about packaging: 20 years PaKa Packaging-Service GmbH

Near Bremen, a subsidiary of the Panther Group was formed in 2001, which took over all services. For more than two decades, customers have been using the services of PaKa Packaging-Service GmbH to cover temporary peaks and outsource areas. As a joint venture between Panther Packaging and the company named Kaminski in Stuhr-Brinkum, PaKa Packaging-Service GmbH takes over the fulfillment of various services in the framework of outsourcing projects in category management achieving optimal rationalization effects. Customers have the opportunity to complete the internal processes task-specific or product-specific or to place the entire chain of tasks around packaging and presentation of products at the PoS in the competent hands of specialists. Within the Panther Group's extensive range of services, PaKa Packaging-Service has successfully established itself as a service provider.

Full service around corrugated board, be it co-packing or logistics, PaKa Packaging-Service ensures a lot of movement.

At the founding of the PaKa Packaging-Service, the entire expertise of the Panther Group regarding packaging manufacturing, refining and handling was involved. In a trusting collaboration with customers of every conceivable industries, both founding partners of PaKa, Panther Packaging and the company Kaminski, a high degree of expertise on individual and industry-wide necessities on how to develop, manufacture and use optimal packaging for successful products. The many cited facets of Supply Chain Management are practical everyday life: PaKa's portfolio is the answer to a responsible handling of means of production, manpower and also revenue.

This also applies to services around displays and PoS solutions: The external assembly of second-hand placements, counter displays, decorative packages (including flyers, catalogues or other additions) as well as good packages, folding boxes, mixing or assortment boxes and display cabinets. Attentive quality control, ordering sorting, and repackaging can mean crucial time benefits for customers during market introduction. In addition, the service by Panther also enables savings potential for ecological types: If elements of secondary placements are equipped by the display manufacturer, material transport or truck rides of empty elements can be saved. This has a positive and sustainable effect on the carbon footprint.