Sensory enhancement with scented varnish - stimulating effect of aromas

When it comes to addressing consumers, fragrances add an emotionally essential element to packaging or secondary placement elements, because fragrances in particular surprise, stay in the memory for a long time and have a positive impact.

Unique products or brands are perceived better overall thanks to the image-promoting support provided by packaging and PoS staging. If, in addition to the optical design and the typical design language, the factor of suitable fragrances is added, the consumer's sense of smell is also addressed.


[Translate to English:] Mit allen Sinnen wahrnehmbare Produktpräsentationen unterstreichen die Markenversprechen.

Panther has for example, the technical possibilities of processing aromas and fragrances on the printing machine using suitable varnishes. Whether partial or full, corrugated cardboard can be provided with individual scents in flexo postprint, preprint or offset printing.

Whether natural scent nuances that are based on wood, flowers or herbs or clear notes of cocoa, leather and other pleasant aromas, the implementation options for “printed” scents are very varied. Their use can be linked to seasonal campaigns, for example, in order to communicate unique brand messages even more clearly. In June of this year, the "World Fragrance Day" is on the calendar. On this occasion, display presentations and packaging in stationary retail or shipping packaging for online orders can have a very special effect. With surprising fragrances, they increase memory, customer loyalty and brand loyalty.