Presentations for Cocktail Day - Shake the PoP

The milder season and longer days are again very much longed for this year. From fresh air enthusiasts as well as party friends who finally want to enjoy mild evenings again and enjoy the latest cocktail creations. Out on balconies and terraces or in the garden, unite friends and have fun is the motto.

The professional lovers of the drinks with exotic names, as well as the classics that have been popular for years and mixed drinks that are constantly being redesigned, celebrate the presentation as professionally as bartenders in hip clubs. To equip your bar at home with essential basic beverages, it is advisable to keep stocks well. Last but not least, the “Cocktail Day” will be proclaimed on May 13th, 2020. And in many retail stores, on this occasion, attractive secondary placements are used to draw consumers' attention in the right direction. Not only the spirits are needed for the perfect cocktail, the well-stocked bar also has various utensils for stylish and correct preparation.

[Translate to English:] In den Cube Waves verbindet Panther filigrane Architektur mit hoher Belastbarkeit und einfachem Aufbau für anziehende Zweitplatzierungen, in denen alle Wünsche für eine gelungene Cocktailparty erfüllt werden.

The Panther Group provides spirits manufacturers and distributors with an enormous range of multi-faceted displays that do justice to this seasonal occasion and make a successful sale in the trade easier.

Cubes make the wave
The Panther display handles geometric shapes in a playful way. The developers of the think tank JuicefulThings have developed a secondary placement variant with Cube Wave, which stands out due to its architectural shape. It consists of only two basic elements that are very easy to assemble. A cube and an L-pillar form the basis. Depending on customer requirements, several of these elements can be combined with one another in the Cube Wave. When put together, several L-pillars result in an almost S-shaped body, which allows the cubes to grow vertically one above the other. Tabs and recesses connect the individual elements to a compact display unit. The connection to the pallet is created by a base plate.

The stable and extremely simple modular system is created thanks to the innovative plug-in technology, which gives the attractive PoS element stability and great load-bearing capacity. Depending on the size of the products to be presented, the display can be converted and expanded in height with two, three or four cubes. These individual construction options paired with a concise brand design result in an eye-catching secondary placement. Products of all kinds, such as drinks, but also cocktail shakers, knives, ice tongs, ice coolers, straws, spoons, soda dispensers and much more, find a perfect stage in the architecturally striking cubes at the PoS. Cube Wave is a filigree display solution with a very high level of stability that clearly stands out from other secondary placements due to its unusual shape.

Recipes and suggestions included
With the AIO displays, Panther combines various presentation options in one system. It is based on just three basic elements: the pallet tray, stele and lid can be combined in a variety of ways and supplemented with additional parts. All elements are standardized and quickly available, regardless of which type of equipment the customer chooses. Thanks to the patented click suspension, it is possible to hang any number of trays straight or at an angle into the steles. The use of hooks on the steles is also given. The inclusion of inserted map stairs (for placing up to 18 different motifs) can be displayed as standard. Individual toppers are one of the other options for customizing the secondary placement required in each case.

The modular system has the advantage that customers only have a small inventory. In the case of internal product changes and the associated adjustment of the display in a new arrangement, only individual elements then need to be added or replaced.

The AIO displays allow, among other things, the presentation of different product or themed productions at the same time - a central partition then divides it into two individual or complementary product ranges. Designed for assembly on 1/4 or 1/8 pallets, the displays allow the greatest possible flexibility in terms of height, design, shape and color. Individual adjustments in free print design are possible. There are 15 colors available from stock, as well as gold and silver as well as various other metallic colors or a wood decor. You can choose your own color from a minimum number of pieces. Upon request, the displays can be made of FSC-certified paper.

Heavily loaded: Bottles & More
The second placement development "Bottles & More" is eye-catchingly elegant, very stable and equipped with a large capacity. It is figuratively applied to the bottle shape of the display content and is therefore ideal as a three-dimensional sales promotion element for all drinks. Depending on the area of ​​application, the upper area of ​​the display can take up the appropriate shape of the respective primary packaging or its closure variant: Whether a screw cap for drinks or a cocktail shaker, everything is possible.

The display consists of only six basic parts (three parts are used twice in the same way). Folded several times, it is folded into a very handy, small transport unit and delivered flat. After unpacking, Bottles & More is ready for use at the PoS in five seconds.

The strikingly shaped jacket (the contour of which can also depict various other geometries) has a memorable visual effect - it has no influence on the display function. When setting up, the jacket is automatically pressed into an oval shape and the selected contour variant is created. Inlays with a special construction that are glued between the two casing parts exert a slight pressure on the casing element and thereby support the shaping. The trays carrying goods also build up automatically. Four carrying points give them the high load capacity. Oval fold lines on the jacket in connection with the inlays give the display support and great stability.

With all of the above-mentioned displays by the Panther Group, seasonal campaigns are unmistakably attractive and attractive. The secondary placements, made from 100 % recyclable corrugated cardboard, are returned to the waste paper cycle without restriction after use.