Launch of new popcorn variants in impressive displays

The Panther Group is traditionally a sought-after partner of snack and confectionery manufacturers, for whom it repeatedly develops and manufactures creative and successful PoS decorations. With sweet and salty temptations, the trend is towards imaginative secondary placements with unusual shapes. This creates true sculptures that give the brands far-reaching visibility and entice them to buy.


Launch of the new Chio popcorn variants in a Panther corrugated board display.

Panther created an eye-catching pallet decoration for the market launch of Chio Popcorn. The popcorn range with various sweet or salty flavors is sold "out of the bag". The design relies on the well-known color brand elements of Chio and combines them with the ambience of the typical cinema popcorn machines. The popcorn is easily prepared in the microwave at home or in the office.

The PoS elements made of corrugated board are made from renewable raw materials and are fully recyclable after use; The material returns via the waste paper cycle as a raw material to the corrugated board industry for the production of corrugated board base paper.